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The Benefits of Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is suitable for all levels of fitness, and is enjoyed by athletes and casual users alike. It engages more muscles than ordinary walking whilst being low impact, and can be taken at your own pace.


Nordic Walking is great fun, and wonderfully social. It is easy to get started and once involved there are famous walks all over the globe for enthusiasts. We pride ourselves on walks locally and abroad

Whole Body

Nordic Walking uses 90% of skeletal muscles and burns 46% more calories than regular walking. Outdoor exercise has been proven that there are more benefits than indoor gyms

Fitness for All

Engages the core muscles, promotes good posture and improve cardiovascular health. Using the right technique can ease pressure on joints and lower back. This can be taken gently or intensively depending on the walker.

Stress Reduction

Encourage awareness of your body and the environment. This naturally brings you into the present moment, which reduces stress. Mindfulness of being, feeling, seeing and  breathing in the fresh air.

Get Outdoors

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