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Nordic Walking has been around for sometime and it now seems to be rapidly growing in popularity as an outdoor activity. You have probably seen people walking with what looks like ski poles, and I can assure you they are not looking for snow...

Nordic Walking turns a walk into a workout without much more effort. These specific poles propel you as you walk just by using the same natural swing of your arm. It uses more muscle groups, it eases pressure on joints and lower back.


It encourages great posture which opens your lungs to breathe in all the fantastic oxygen that fuels your body. But the best thing really is that it gets you outdoors and it is proven that outdoor exercise has more benefits than indoor gyms.

Nordic walking is suitable for all and different abilities, getting back to fitness, recovering from injuries or cross training for different sports

Nordic Walking Fit is about engaging people in outdoor activity with movement, mindfulness and being part of nature. Sociable fitness for mind soul and body.

Come and give us a try and discover what is just outside your doorstep.

Offering  Nordic Walking on the South Coast

Purbeck * Poole * Bournemouth * Christchurch * New Forest

Fitness for All

Fitness for All

Engages the core muscles, promotes good posture and improve cardiovascular health.

Using the right technique can ease pressure on joints and lower back.

This can be taken gently or intensively depending on the walker.

Whole Body

Whole Body

Nordic Walking uses 90% of skeletal muscles and burns 46% more calories than regular walking. Outdoor exercise has been proven that there are more benefits than indoor gyms

Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction

Encourage awareness of your body and the environment. This naturally brings you into the present moment, which reduces stress.

Mindfulness of being, feeling, seeing and  breathing in the fresh air.



Nordic Walking is great fun, and wonderfully social.

It is easy to get started and once involved there are famous walks all over the globe for enthusiasts.

We pride ourselves on walks locally and abroad.

How to get Involved

Nordic Walking is more than just walking with poles, it is totally different to trekking or hill walking where you plant the poles in front for stability and balance. Nordic walking poles are different as they are lighter, thinner and have straps that connect you with the pole which makes the swing of the arm easier.

To gain the most benefits in this outdoor activity it is highly recommended to be taught with a qualified instructor.

If you are unsure if this is for you we offer Taster Sessions where you come and give it a try.
This last for an hour and we show the Basic Technique and progressively walk you through to fully understand what these specific poles do to add to a normal walk.

If you are still keen join in on a 3 Session Technique Course

1st Session- A bit of Basic and Hill Technique

2nd Session- Intensity increase and get to know your straps


3rd Session- Make it Natural


*Poles are provided with all classes*

There are regular Nordic Walking Tasters available but most of the time if you are interested contact us at Nordic Walking Fit and we can sort a time and day that is convenient . As this is an outdoor activity we have many venues that we can meet and are suitable for teaching.

We offer group sessions and 1 to 1, just ask and we can definitely work together.

Our aim is to introduce as many people to this fantastic outdoor activity to keep us healthy and happy and to love the life we live.


Taster Session £10.00

Technique Course £45.00

One to One £50.00

Contact mob: 07855 869009  



Get Outdoors

Come and Try Nordic Walking with NordicWalkingFit

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