Walking Schedule

Come Join Us

Once you have completed a Technique course with Nordic Walking Fit or any other Nordic Walking Instructor and feel that you are competent with your Nordic walking then come and join in the fun of our organised walks.

We offer a variety of Nordic walks in various areas and some walks are in the same place.

Though when you think about it nothing is ever the same as weather conditions, seasons and just different feelings can create a different walk.

Also a Nordic Walk for everyone, Gentle, Scenic, Adventure and Motivating.

Our system is simple.... At the beginning of each week you will receive a message with where our meeting place will be and let us know which walk you will be joining.

Watch out for monthly events that encourage all Nordic Walking Fit walkers to get together.

Contact Lynne    mobile 07855 869009  email lynne@nordicwalkingfit.co.uk


Pay as you walk

£25 for 5 Walks

10 Walks for £40

£6 per walk

£5 per walk

£4 per walk

Walk cards are available to purchase to keep track of walks and distance of each walk participated