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A Day Trip to See A Giant

A NordicWalkingFit adventure took us west to Cerne Abbas for a good day out. This Dorset village is home to the Giant a hill figure near the village, standing 55 metres high, it depicts a standing nude male figure with a prominent erection and wielding a large club in its right hand.

So it made a great destination for our group of Nordic walkers to go explore. Though the weather wasn't as nice as previous days we were all geared up for a great days walk.

The route had an initial uphill (because it is Dorset) but there were enough view point stops to catch our breath, but once we were up we continued around the ridge. Taking in the grey skies but really it didn't hinder the far reaching views, also it was the height of season for the bluebells as there was a purple/blue hue lining our route, absolutely brilliant. Not to forget the wild hares we saw on the newly planted fields, love it!!!

We totalled 8.3 miles starting at a Pub, The New Inn, Cerne Abbas, a picnic half way around and then ended back at the pub for a well earned hot cup of coffee .

A really good outing as some of the group hadn't seen some of our friends since lock down last year so lots of Nordic chatting and this is what makes Nordic walking fantastic, being with like minded people just enjoying the great outdoors.

Sharing the passion......

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