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Get Out Get Active Get Nordic Walking

It's been a strange time and now that we are well into 2021 though not in the clear of the pandemic we are able to get back to our Nordic walking again.

I think what a lot of us have learned is that we need to keep active and keep fit as this will not only help our physical well being but also our mental well being.

I have had difficulty dealing with the forced change of lifestyle and the strong restrictions placed upon us but my motivation to get out and go for a Nordic walk has really helped immensely.

I know a lot of people have been enjoying the outdoors and going for a walk but just a walk doesn't always help you need to get the heart rate going, the blood circulating, the lungs filing with oxygen and release those endorphins to give you the lift you need. This is what Nordic walking does.

So come and try this outdoor activity and see and feel why you need to do this. It is exhilarating

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