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Nordic Walking Fit Christmas Walk & Lunch 2018

So this is Christmas…. Nordic Walking Fit’s 5th Christmas get together and what a brilliant one yet again. Each year it goes from strength to strength and it is brilliant to see new faces joining the core of our group. This year is our 3rd year at the Isle of Purbeck Golf Club and it has proved to be the best place for our Christmas festivities. The venue is perfect as we are able to park and go for a Nordic walk before our sit down Christmas lunch. We had 36 Nordic Walkers venturing out for a 3 mile wet walk, though it didn’t seem to be as bad as the day started. We started with a warm up game of turn and grab, great fun and loads of laughter. The idea is we all stand in a circle facing the person in front, poles in your right hand and then on the count of 3 let go of your pole turn and grab the pole behind with your left hand, we definitely need to practice a bit before next year. Then it was a walk circling around Agglestone Rock, trying to keep as much down hill as possible but of course in the Purbeck not always possible. Half way in the woods behind Knoll House we were treated with some delicious homemade mince pies by Caroline Williamson, how she carried enough for us all was extremely impressive. Then back to the club for lunch….. The ones who didn’t walk were awaiting our return and watched us Nordic walk back across the green, amazed that we tackled the weather. Then it was off to the change rooms to get dried off and in our festive jumpers and ready for our sit down Christmas lunch. Much food, drink and merriment was had as 68 Nordic walkers sat down for a delicious Christmas lunch. The food, service and the views were absolutely perfect and yes the Black cherry, kirsch creme brulee was excellent. Thank you to all who joined in and the ones who couldn’t were very much missed. Merry Christmas to all and Happy Nordic Walking for 2019 (Diary Date Christmas walk and lunch same place Saturday 7 December 2019)

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